Tips To Help You Stay Healthy This Labor Day


As Labor Day fast approaches, people across the nation are busy planning their celebrations for the last long weekend of summer. Like most holiday weekends, most celebrations will include an abundance of delicious foods, high-calorie drinks, desserts and over indulgence. But you don't have to put your health on the back burner to enjoy the long weekend. With conscious effort and planning, you can enjoy the long weekend with your friends and family while maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. Here are some tips for staying healthy during the long weekend.

Plan Your Menu

Plan your menu in advance so that you choose a variety of healthy and mouth watering dishes. By planning your menu in advance, you will have time to find healthy recipe ideas and shop for the ingredients that you will need. If you are hosting a potluck, ask your guest for dishes that are healthy such as salads, vegetable platters, deviled eggs and low-fat meats such as grilled chicken kabobs, shrimp, and salmon.

Keep The Fluids Flowing

It's important to keep your guests well hydrated, especially on hot days. Make sure you have plenty of water and low sugar beverages for your company to choose from as well as some favorites like fruit punch and sodas. Keep lots of water available. You can flavor the water with cucumber, lemon, lime wedges or berries for an added treat.

Keep Active

When planning your celebrations, it's important to include activities that will encourage plenty of physical movement. Daily exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As part of your party planning, organize games and sports that will incorporate physical movement. Some things you can do plan include bike riding to different places, going for walks, taking your pets to a dog park, canoeing or kayaking, swimming, scavenger hunts and hosting games such as football, soccer, frisbee, laser tag. Planning entertainment that naturally incorporates physical exercise will make exercising feel effortless.

Stay Out Of The Sun

If it's a really hot, sunny day, tents and canopies are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while keeping cool and out of the sun. Spending too much time in the hot sun can cause different medical emergencies such as sunburns, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. It's important to minimize our exposure to the heat and sun by sitting under shaded areas such as tents or moving intermittently from the hot outdoors to cooler indoors. It is also important to know the signs and symptoms of the different heat related emergencies to help protect and treat your guests.

Labor Day is a great time to get together with friends and family for one last summer party before the season officially comes to an end. Celebrating the holiday doesn't mean taking a holiday from healthy living. Proper planning and preparation to incorporate healthy habits naturally into your Labor Day festivities will ensure that your body doesn't suffer from over indulgence just because it's the long weekend.