Healthy Non-Candy Treats to Give Kids This Halloween


Halloween is coming soon and for many kids, this is one of their favorite holidays. It’s exciting to dress up in costumes, attend class parties, go trick-or-treating, and collect a bag full of candy. Many kids start to get excited about this sugar-fueled, sweet holiday as soon as October starts.

But for health care providers, many parents, and educators, the thought of kids getting an overload of junk food is something that we dread. It’s no secret that the sugar laden, chemically made candy is horrible for your health. We live in a society where people are eating too much sugar on a daily basis so anything that adds to the overload is not something to look forward to.

At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we know how detrimental this overload of sugar can be on children’s developing bodies. Many long term diseases and conditions are caused by excess simple sugars. We believe in promoting health and during this holiday, it’s just as easy and exciting to hand out non-candy treats to kids. If you’re not sure what to give instead of sugar, here’s a few suggestions:

Craft Kits

Buy small tubes, put orange, white and black beads inside with black necklace string and hand them out to the kids when they come by. Making a necklace is a fun activity that many kids enjoy doing.

Temporary Tattoos

Kids like putting temporary tattoos on their arms, hands or cheeks so give each one a mini bag of temporary Halloween tattoos.

Cheese Strings

If you’re going to give edible treats, there are plenty of healthier options that you can choose from. Cheese strings, for example, are a healthier option. Add to the festive day by putting a face on the wrapping.

Mini Lego Kits

Boys and girls of all ages enjoy making Lego characters. Mini Halloween Lego kits are a perfect holiday treat that kids will enjoy getting.

Fruit Treats

While real fruit is always best, it’s not possible to give kids real fruit for a treat. Fruit cups, fruit sauces or juice boxes are a better alternative that is better than candy.

Coloring Pages

There are many great coloring pictures online that you can download and print for free. Add a small pack of crayons with the pages and the children will have a fun activity that they can do at home.

Travel Games

Party and discount stores sell many great small travel games that kids enjoy playing. They are inexpensive but fun for kids and their families to play together.

Spooky Water Bottles

Purchase black, orange and white water bottles. Add a Jack-o-lantern, ghost, witch, cat or silly faces on each bottle and hand them out. The kids will enjoy getting a festive water bottle that they can take to school.

Bouncy Balls

Stores are filled with fun, holiday themed toys and activities to give out instead of candy. One popular toy is bouncy balls. Holiday themed balls, eye balls or sparkling balls are favorites with kids.


Another fun toy that comes out this time of year is Halloween themed small Slinkys. This classic toy is enjoyed just as much today as it was when we were kids.

Halloween is a time when kids can get dressed up in their favorite costume, play fun games and go around their neighborhood trick-or-treating. It’s also a time when their sugar levels soar from the overindulgence of candy. As Chiropractors, we believe in and promote healthy lifestyle choices for children and adults. There are many healthier alternatives to candy that you can give kids during this festive day. So this Halloween, treat the kids in your community to fun, non-candy treats.