Have A Pain Free Holiday Season

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Tis the season to go shopping but it’s also the time to experience a lot of pain. Not only will you feel the pain in your wallet, but your back is going to suffer too. Walking on the hard surfaces of the store and mall floors, lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing all add extra stress to the muscles and tissues in your lower spine. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we can help you reduce your back pain this holiday season.

During this wonderful time of year, we get very busy and often forget to take care of ourselves. The added work and bustle of the season can quickly cause strain to the body, especially your spine. But these simple steps will help prevent muscle pain in the lower lumbar region so that you can enjoy your festive events.

Wearing Proper Shoes

Whether you’re spending hours walking in the mall or attending holiday parties, it’s important to wear supportive shoes. High heels, flat shoes and other footwear that does not support the feet, legs and back will quickly cause pain to your lower body. Shoes that provide a lot of support and cushioning will help reduce lower body aches.

Proper Posture

While this is something that you should be doing naturally every day, it’s even more important during the holiday season. This time of year, you will be moving more and in ways that are different from your normal routine. Lifting, bending, picking up parcels and carrying packages will also cause added stress if you are not moving properly. When doing the extra activities, it’s important that you pay attention to your posture and use proper body mechanics when lifting and carrying merchandise, especially heavier gifts.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is essential for keeping the body and mind healthy. At this time of year, when you’re extra busy, it’s even more important that you take the time to get sufficient rest. Take plenty of breaks throughout your day, try to stick to your normal daily routine as much as possible and get plenty of sleep at night. Not only will overworking the muscles cause pain, but you are also more prone to injury when you are tired.

Eat A Healthy Diet

While this might sound easy, this time of year adds a lot of sugary treats and high-calorie foods to your daily diet. These holiday treats often replace the more healthy foods. Your body needs a balanced diet filled with nutritious meals to stay strong. While the treats are being passed around, try to use moderation so that you keep your body fueled with the essential nutrients.

Visit Your Chiropractor

Regularly visiting your chiropractor is important, especially at this time of year to help keep your spine healthy and in proper alignment. All the extra activity you do will easily add strain to your spinal area. Regular chiropractic treatments will help reduce the pain and tension that is caused by the extra lifting and moving. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we will help you have a pain free holiday season.