Essential Tips for Staying Healthy, Happy, and Pain Free During Your Camping Trip

family camping

Now that summer is here, people are enjoying one of their favorite activities: camping. During this time of year, families, individuals, and groups grab their gear and head to different campgrounds where they can enjoy becoming one with nature.

As exciting as sleeping under the stars is, it can also be hard on your back and tissues within the body. But proactive planning will ensure that your holiday getaway is enjoyable and pain free. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and happy during your tenting vacation.

Be Prepared

Before heading out, write a check list to make sure you pack everything you will need for your trip. If you are planning to participate in specific activities, it’s important to have the right equipment for each excursion. Check and double check your belongings and gear to ensure that nothing is damaged or in poor working order. The last thing you want when you get to your destination only to find you are missing supplies or have broken equipment.

Use a Mattress

Sleeping on the hard ground might be exciting for the avid enthusiast who enjoys roughing it during their excursions. But the hard surface can be even harder on your back. Give your body and spine the comfort and support it needs by using a mattress or extra padding under your sleeping bag.

Wear the Proper Footwear

While enjoying the great outdoors, many people take advantage of the area to go hiking, cycling, fishing, boating, or other outdoor activities. When moving around on the rough terrain, it is important that you have the proper footwear to support your body movements on the uneven surfaces. Poor quality footwear will not provide the support to your body that is needed and will quickly result in pain and discomfort.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be a very serious and even life threatening, especially during the hot days when you are far more active. The body needs water to move and function properly. Bring lots and carry a full water bottle with you all the time, especially during the more active events.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Some people take advantage of their time away to enjoy alcoholic drinks with their meals or while laying under the clear night sky. Alcoholic beverages not only dehydrate you but consuming too many can distort your perceptions and ability to think clearly, putting you at risk of accidents. When camping, it’s better to avoid or minimize alcohol consumption.

Eat Healthy

Smores and roasted marshmallows are delicious and traditional campfire fare, but they are not healthy. It’s fun to indulge in the delicious sweet treats in the evening, but make sure you are balancing your food intake with plenty of healthy snacks and meals to keep your body strong and in good physical and mental condition.

Use Supportive Gear

Backpacks, carryalls, wheeled coolers or carts and water bags should work with your body mechanics to make it easier to tote your equipment to your desired destination. Use bags, packs, and other devices that fit properly so they do not add extra strain and tension to your spinal column and tissues.

Know Your Area

When going into the wilderness, it’s crucial to know your surroundings to prevent injuries. Unfamiliar areas can add risks accidents if you are not careful. To stay safe, get familiar with your campground and hiking trails; go slow, and pay close attention to your surroundings. Take extra care at night when you cannot get a clear view of your space.

Think Safety

When travelling, it’s important to have a safety plan in place. Take a first aid kit, know your nearest emergency centers, emergency phone numbers, and have a plan in place if something happens. Taking a first aid course before going away and keeping your certification up-to-date will also help you handle situations that could arise.

Use Proper Body Mechanics

While out tenting it, you will be lifting, carrying, packing, unpacking, setting up and moving on uneven ground surfaces. Using proper body mechanics and support systems to move your gear will help protect your back from strain and damage while indulging in your much-anticipated vacation.

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy your favorite pastime and travel mode. By taking proactive steps, you will reduce your risk of pain and injury so that you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.