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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Calorie Consumption During the Holidays


The holidays are a busy time. December is a time of celebrations, parties, treats, and eating, lots of extra eating. Chocolates, desserts, appetizers, and rich foods become part of the dietary norm. But while most of us enjoy the extra treats, the weight gain that follows is not well received. On average, people gain between […]

Bone Broth Protein: The Hottest Super Food for Optimal Health

Bone Broth

Protein is essential for good health. Not only does it help your nails, teeth and hair, but it is also a mandatory building block for your muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and blood. The nutrients in this vital food group repairs the tissues in your body while aiding in the production of much needed enzymes, hormones, […]

Healthy Non-Candy Treats to Give Kids This Halloween


Halloween is coming soon and for many kids, this is one of their favorite holidays. It’s exciting to dress up in costumes, attend class parties, go trick-or-treating, and collect a bag full of candy. Many kids start to get excited about this sugar-fueled, sweet holiday as soon as October starts.

5 Benefits Of A Healthy Diet


Maintaining a healthy diet is vital for good physical and mental health. Despite the wealth of information available about proper nutrition and diet, in a process food saturated society, our eating habits have become very unhealthy over the years. Here are 5 reasons why you should be eating healthier:

5 Tips For Eating Healthy During Memorial Day Celebrations

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is only a few days away. Like most holidays, it is a time when most of us get together with friends and family for celebrations that usually involve lots of food, over indulgence and high calorie consumption. But your holiday parties don’t have to be about overloading your body with high amounts of […]