7 Wonderful and Natural Health Benefits of Spring


If you feeling a little extra skip in your step, you’re not alone. Now that spring is here, the days are longer and the warm sunny days are giving people reason to smile while they shed their bulky winter wear.

This is a magical time of year when the snow melts, everything starts to grow again, and feelings of love are all around us. There are many benefits to the spring season.

1. Increase Vitamin D

Now that the weather is warmer and sunnier, people are starting to spend more time outdoors in the bright sunshine. The longer days add to the extra absorption of Vitamin D, an important vitamin that is good for your bones, teeth, and skin. Vitamin D also plays a significant role in fighting disease and improving our mood.

2. Cleaner Home

Now that it’s warmer outside, people are opening their doors and windows. The musty, stale air in residential dwellings is now being replaced by fresh air. Carpets and other furnishings can be washed and, giving the house a good spring cleaning.

3. More Active

People naturally start moving more in their desire to spend more time outside. You have probably noticed your neighbors walking more, riding their bikes, raking their yard, and doing a variety of outdoor activities that give them natural, fun exercise. Chiropractic care can help relax and align your winter stiff joints and muscle tissues.

4. Improve Mood

The warmer weather and longer days naturally improve moods by naturally helping us feel better. The sunshine decreases melatonin production while increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin is your body’s natural mood booster while the lower levels of melatonin increase energy levels.

5. Reduces Stress

If you have noticed that you are feeling less stressed during this time of year, you are not alone. This is a time when life begins again. Baby animals are born, flowers bloom, and trees start to flourish. Watching life grow naturally makes us happier.

This time of year, people are also starting outdoor their hobbies again. Yard work, cycling, outdoor photography, and hiking are just a few of the wonderful activities that people enjoy once the weather warms.

6. Less Aches and Pains

Colder weather can wreak havoc on bones, joints, and muscle tissues. Arthritis and other conditions can be irritated in the colder season, causing pain and discomfort. But in the spring, the warmer temperatures are more gentle on the body; the aches and discomfort of winter are now as much a memory as the melting snow. The extra movement and regular visits to your chiropractor also help loosen joints and improve oxygen flow to the tissues.

7. Improved Skin

Cold temperatures dries the skin, causing flakes, cracks, and other irritating dermal conditions. Now that the weather is warmer, the dryness and irritation starts to disappear, improving the appearance of your skin.

Spring is a wonderful season when the world and everything on it come to life again. As the temperatures warm and life begins to bloom, people start to feel and look better inside and out. There are many naturally healthy benefits to this time of year.

At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we promote natural health and can help you get ready for favorite spring activities. Regular chiropractic visits will help align your spine and improve blood flow and oxygen to the tissues so that your body will move more naturally while you’re outside enjoying the beautiful, warm spring weather.