6 Powerful Ways That Fall Affects Your Health

6 Powerful Ways That Fall Affects Your Health

Seasonal changes affect everything – the weather, nature, the environment we live in, personal routines, and even our health. When fall arrives, the changes in temperature and decrease in sunshine can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. By visiting your chiropractor regularly, you can minimize these harmful effects through healthy body maintenance.

Here are some ways that the fall season impacts our mind and bodies:

More Sleep

The changes to the temperature and reduced number of daylight hours impacts our energy levels. On average, people sleep two or more hours a night in the colder seasons than in the summer months. However, the harvest time also has an impact on the type of sleep we get so, even though we sleep more, we don’t feel more rested.

More Headaches or Migraines

The barometric changes that occur with the coming of autumn can increase pressure on the brain. This means that some people will experience more headaches or migraines during this time of year than other times.

Medical Conditions

The shift in season, and the activities associated with these changes can affect allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions. Those who know that they are at risk can take preventative measures. Talking to your chiropractor about your ailments is also beneficial because your chiropractor will help treat those ailments through manual manipulations and natural health maintenance.

Cold and Flu Season

This is a popular time for people to start getting sick. With the cooling temperatures, individuals are spending less time outside and more time indoors. This creates a breeding ground for viruses and germs to spread. Taking care of your health, frequent handwashing, and increasing your essential nutrient intake will help you ward off those nasty bugs.


The same barometric pressure changes that increase cranial pain is also a common trigger for seasonal mood disorders or depression. Many people feel down and fatigued when the fall season starts. The pressure changes, combined with colder temps and shorter days, adversely impacts our brain activity and endorphin secretion.

Improved Temper and Mood

Autumn changes are not all bad. The extreme heat of summer can impact our moods, making us more irritable. It is hard being cheerful when you are over heating, especially if you cannot escape the scorching temperatures. In the fall, the cooler weather is more bearable. It’s not too hot or too cold, so it is the perfect time to be outside doing the activities you love most.  Starting in September, many individuals find that they are naturally happier and more relaxed than they were in the summer.

Every time of year changes impact our physical, mental, and emotional state. Visiting your chiropractor regularly will help you transition more smoothly into the new stage. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we help our clients optimize their health naturally so they can enjoy the fall season and all its colorful beauty.