5 Tips to Prevent Back Injury During Your Warm Weather Fitness Regiments


Now that spring is in full bloom, people are starting to get out more to enjoy the beautiful weather. The winter couch potato season is over and the outdoor fun has begun. At this time of year, many people break out of their sedentary winter habits and start to get more active; they join sports teams, start their jogging routines, pull out the bikes, inline skates and other fun outdoor summer activity supplies. But if you have been inactive during the colder months, you risk injuring your back and other tissues when you start increasing your activity levels again. Here are some tips to help reduce hurting yourself when you start your summer exercise activities.

Stay Active

During the cold, winter season, it’s common and easy to slow down or stop exercising. Sports teams take a hiatus, holidays keep us busy, and shorter days make it challenging to maintain a physical fitness routine. But stopping completely only to restart your exercise regiments again in the warmer, longer days is hard and damaging to your body. To stay healthy and prevent risking harm, it’s important to maintain your level of exercise year round. To help you do this in the cold months, join a winter sports team, find a fitness partner, set workout dates, or join a gym.

Start off Slow

No matter how much you did last summer, slowing down to a more sedentary lifestyle in the winter quickly deteriorates your tissues. Once the spring season comes again, you will have to start all over in your exercises. You will not be able to pick up where you left off or do the same level of intensity and endurance because your body is not used to that level of movement anymore. If you have been inactive all winter, you will have to start fresh in the spring. By starting slow, you will reduce the risk of injuring your back and other bone, joint, and muscle tissue while building your physical level up gradually.

Warm Up

Warming up your muscles and tissues will help reduce injury while performing your activity. Tissues that are inactive will function better if you start moving them first before participating in your physical event. Warm-ups and stretches increase the levels of oxygen and nutrient rich blood that flows through the body; helping fuel the tissues and improving their function.

Apply Cold and Heat

If you have sustained an injury, cold and heat compressions will help in the healing process. Cold restricts the blood flow to reduce inflammation while heat relaxes the tissues. Applying them one at a time for 15-minute intervals during the early stages of injury will help in the recovery process.

Visit Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors work with their patients to help maintain optimal health. Your back and tissues can be easily injured during physical exercise. Regular chiropractic treatments can help keep your spine aligned at functioning at its optimal best. Your chiropractor can also give you tips for increasing the summer fun into your daily schedule slowly and naturally so that you can enjoy the upcoming months to the fullest.

At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we work with our patients regularly to help them maintain a healthy spine while participating in their favorite physical activity.

Now that the warm weather is here, people are starting to get more active as they head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. But if you have been sedentary during the past few months, you will need to take it slow when you first become active again. If you start your summer exercise routines too fast or try to pick up where you left off last year, you have a higher risk of injuring your back and other areas of the body.