5 Spine Protecting Tips to Injury Proof Your Spring Cleaning Chores


Spring is a great time to do a thorough cleanup of the house and yard. Once the weather has started to warm and the days are longer, people are beginning to feel more motivated to get work done. Getting rid of the residual effects of the cold season in preparation for the warm spring and hot summer often is an annual chore for many homeowners.

But all that lifting and moving can wreak havoc on the back. Lower back and neck trauma are common injuries in the warmer weather when residents are flushing out the staleness of winter for the fresh, cleanliness of spring. If you’re not used to the physical exertion that comes from doing yard and house work, you risk injuring the back through strains, sprains, and other spinal injuries. Here are some tips to help you have an injury free spring clean.

1. Stretch First

Stretching helps increase blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, giving them fuel to help with the added movements. Warming up the tissues with light exercises prior to more intense physical activity also relaxes the muscle, allowing the tissues to move more fluidly. When muscles movements are easier, there is less risk of injury to the area.

2. Know Your Limits

Knowing what you are and are not capable of doing will help reduce the risk of damaging the lower back tissue. Excessive lifting, pulling, tugging, and hauling can easily and quickly result in injury to the spinal area. Have realistic expectations on your own abilities and limitations will make the chore easier; lowering the chance of injuries.

3. Spread it Out

Many people try to get everything done in one day or one weekend, but the dirt and accumulation did not happen overnight so why would the cleaning? Within the confines of your daily and weekly schedule, try spreading the chores out over a more manageable time. It will be easier on you mentally and physically to do smaller sessions that will not put excess fatigue and stress on the body.

4. Get Your Rest

Your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate. Like any other job, it’s important to take breaks during your work day. Cleaning and reorganizing your home is no different. Getting a proper sleep and taking breaks throughout your day will help keep the spine healthy by avoiding overuse of tired muscles.

5. See Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors promote the body’s natural healing abilities through spinal manipulations and other gentle treatments. Your chiropractor can help you in many areas of spinal health including proactive stretch and strengthening exercise, post activity or injury treatments, and regular maintenance of the spinal region. Visiting a chiropractic doctor regularly will ensure the back and tissues stay strong and healthy. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we work with our patients daily to promote natural healing of the spinal area using non-invasive treatments.

This season, enjoy an injury-free spring cleaning so that you can have a fun and healthy summer.