5 Highly Effective Tips to Maintain Good Back Health While Swimming


Swimming is a popular and refreshing activity enjoyed by many during the summer time. When it’s hot outside, this watery sport provides a cool break from the scorching sun.  Along with the many fun benefits of splashing in the cool liquid, it is also a great exercise. Swimming is a low impact aerobic workout that works many areas of the body.

For those with aches, pains, or injuries, exercising in water makes it easier to move because of the natural buoyancy and support of the fluid on the joints and tissues.

Swimming builds muscle, endurance, and cardiovascular health. It helps strengthen back muscles, but, at the same time, it can also cause more pain in the lower lumber region if done improperly. Unnatural curving of the spine or neck while doing laps can easily irritate the back area. But there are ways to maintain proper posture and ease the pressure while enjoying this great activity.

Proper Body Positioning

While doing laps in the pool, instead of over curving the spine back to keep the head above the surface, focus on maintaining a straight alignment of the spinal cord by keeping your whole physique level with the top layer.

Rather than arching the back and neck to lift the head, roll from side to side gently to breathe. It will help maintain an even, balanced position.

Use Googles and Snorkels

One reason people often over extend their lumbar and sacral regions is to keep their face above water to maintain an open airway while preventing water from irritating the eyes. To fix this problem, use a snorkel and water-resistant eye goggles while in the pond. Not only is it more fun to dive under the surface, but it is also easier to keep the body in it’s natural position during your exercise.

Flotation Devices

There are several types of flotation devices on the market to help stay afloat while in the body of H20. Noodles, floater boards, wet vests, life preserves, and flotation rings can help you position your torso properly to support the back while enjoying refreshing aquatics.

Learn to Use Proper Swimming Strokes

There are different types of swimming strokes to move the arms and legs in the water. Rather than just splashing around or flailing the limbs in different directions, learn proper techniques that incorporate the proper positioning and support of the torso with limb movements. Moving properly in the cool liquid will help ease the strain on certain areas of the body.

Talk to Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors have extensive knowledge about the spinal region. They can discuss your current health concerns with you, treat conditions impacting your well-being, and make recommendations on aqua-based exercises to work the body properly while helping the back stay straight. Your chiropractor can manipulate your spinal region, to treat your aches it while creating a plan with you to help improve your back health.

Summer is a great season.  The hot climate creates excellent opportunities to enjoy many outdoor activities, including swimming. This sport is an excellent exercise that has many health benefits for the whole body, including the back.

To avoid back pain while in the water, it is important to maintain good posture while lapping in the H20. Your chiropractor can help by suggesting tips to strengthen the spine while you relish in the fun and refreshing fluid.

At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we help our patients live healthy, pain free lives by working with them to treat and maintain good back health.