5 Excellent Summer Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

Summer is a great time to increase your exercise habits naturally with fun outdoor sports. There are many fitness activities you can do that not only improve your health but also include outside enjoyment into one stimulating event. There are many beneficial summertime fitness activities you can do including:

1. Walking

Walking for at least 20 minutes each day helps improve blood circulation while strengthening your cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems.  You can enjoy getting out with your pet, friends, or family.  You can also add resistance to your workout by hiking in parks or other uneven natural surfaces. Going for a hike is a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty while improving your health.

2.  Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise that can be done anytime of the year. It is a superb workout with many benefits including building muscles, improving flexibility, loosening joint tissue, and reducing stress levels. During the warmer months, practitioners of this ancient exercise can enjoy the benefits of a great workout while in the park, gardens, and campgrounds, on the beach, and at the farm.

3. Swimming

Another great sport that can be done year-round, the hot seasonal weather lets you enjoy Mother Nature’s balmy temps while swimming at the beach, pool, watering holes, lakes, or rivers. Swimming provides many emotional, mental, and physical health benefits. It is easier on the body because the water supports the tissues and joints.

4.  Cycling

Cycling is a popular summer sport that combines the best of everything into one fabulous workout. Along with the numerous fitness benefits, it’s a fabulous way to travel short or long distances. Many people enjoy commuting to work, running errands, or traveling to different places on a two-wheeler. People can enjoy family excursions, groups cycle dates, races, or leisurely rides in their neighborhood.

5. Inline Skating

People young and old enjoy strapping on their inline skates during the summer and heading to the local park. In lining is a superb way to break away from the daily grind while fitting in a wonderful workout. It can be done as a solo event or group activity. Many people also find it enjoyable to break away from the rush hour traffic and skate to work instead of taking motorized transportation.

Summer is the time to pull out the seasonal gear and enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful day with a fun workout. Chiropractors help clients maintain optimal health by combining regular chiropractic care with healthier lifestyle choices. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we work with our patients to help them develop long term, health benefits.