5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Calorie Consumption During the Holidays


The holidays are a busy time. December is a time of celebrations, parties, treats, and eating, lots of extra eating. Chocolates, desserts, appetizers, and rich foods become part of the dietary norm. But while most of us enjoy the extra treats, the weight gain that follows is not well received. On average, people gain between five to ten pounds during the holiday season. But there are things you can do to reduce the weight increase during this time of year while still enjoying the tasty tidbits. These steps will help you maintain a healthy diet during an unhealthy time of year.

Include Healthy Dishes

The end of the year is typically marked with baking, chocolates, and plenty of rich, high calorie foods. But the foods do not have to be all bad. Mix healthy, low calorie, nutrient dense dishes with the higher calorie meals so you have alternative choices to the sugary sweets.

Eat Salad First

Before every meal, eat salad. Lettuce layered servings will not only fuel your body with the needed vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, but it will also fill your stomach on healthy, low calorie, food sources so you will be less inclined to nibble on the higher calorie food.

Drink Your Water

Most people today are chronically dehydrated.  Drinking fluids like egg nog, alcohol, and sodas will only lessen the amount of water you put in your body. People who are dehydrated often feel what they believe are hunger pangs, but in reality, it’s a sign of thirst.

To eliminate thirst related feelings of hunger, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Filling your stomach with much needed H2O will help you feel less hungry.

Use Smaller Plates

When eating the large, celebration meals, use smaller plates. Dinner plates can look empty which prompts us to add bigger servings to the surface. A smaller platform will look fuller with less food, so you will take and eat less.

Move More

No matter how good your intensions are, you are bound to have more sweet, rich foods than what your dietary routine is used to. It is natural to increase our food intake when there are so many delicious and aromatic menu items within our immediate reach to choose from.

Rather than trying to avoid the mouth watering morsels, increase your exercise to balance your calories in vs calories out.

Taking the stairs more often, parking further away from the stores, adding an extra five minutes or rep to your workout, and planning fun, physical activities with your kin will naturally up your physical fitness and help you burn the extra caloric intake.

December is a month of great food, and fine beverages. But rather than worry about what you’re doing to your waistline, indulge in the delicious morsels moderately while incorporating healthier options to the menus.

At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we help our clients stay healthy any time throughout the year. We work with each person to create a natural plan to maintain optimal health through regular chiropractic treatments, self care, education, and advise.