5 Easy Ways to Maintain Optimal Back Health on Your Road Trip


With school finishing for the summer, road trip season has officially begun. People across this nation are packing up their vehicles and heading for the highway with plans of camping, visiting family, friends, seeing other places, and celebrating the holidays in special locations.

While road trips are a wonderful way to travel and see the countryside, the long periods of sitting in one place can be very painful, especially in the lower lumbar area. These five easy tips will help keep your back healthy and pain free during your summer travel plans.

1. Get Comfortable

Before heading out on your great trip, make the seat of your car comfortable and supportive for your body. Auto seating is adjustable, so they can be moved into a position that provides the greatest comfort and support. Adjusting your sitting area to position your legs, hips, back, and neck in a proper and aligned platform will help reduce the strain and discomfort caused by inappropriate, lengthy reclining.

2. Use Extra Support

Proper posture is essential to help reduce trauma to the back tissues. If you find the vehicle settee does not provide proper positioning of the body even after you have adjusted it, a lumbar pillow will help add extra care. There are many lumbar support pillows available on the market to add further assistance to the lower back area. If you find that your spinal area is still experiencing tension after the auto recliner has been adjusted, install a lumbar pad to add extra comfort and ease.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Most people spend extra long periods in their vehicles to try to make the most of their time. But part of a road trip is the enjoyment of seeing the countryside while heading towards your desired destination. Taking regular scheduled breaks will give you a chance to get out of the car and walk around before resuming your travels. Scheduled pit stops help prevent the body from stiffening from staying motionless for too long.

4. Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching your muscles before, during, and after your drive will help keep the tissues loose and limber. It’s important to stretch your body before you get in the car, during your stop breaks, and at the end of your transport.

There are also different movements you can do to stretch and move the body while sitting safely in your car seat. Doing these exercises will help keep the blood flowing while also passing time.

5. Visit Your Chiropractor

Before you go on your road trip, schedule an appointment with your Chiropractor. They can manipulate your spinal column naturally to make sure it is in its proper alignment before you add the extra stress to the lumbar region. Your chiropractic doctor can also help you develop an exercise program that you can do while on the road. Medical specialists are very knowledgeable on the various movements you can do to prevent and alleviate spinal discomfort.

Now that road trip season is here, it’s time to get out and enjoy the scenery while cruising down the highway, weaving through the states. But while you are driving down the roadways to your vacation destination, it’s important to take care of your body. Regular treatments and care will help lower your risk of back and joint pain. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, we can help you maintain optimal back health during your trips so you can enjoy your summer.